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I really appreciate that I could have a chance to give an overall semester review presentation and really take the time to get feedback and set new expectations for future study.

My reflection will be divided into 3 parts. It will reflect on my presentation skill, the feedback I got from the critics, and expectations that I can carry for my thesis development/summer plan.

Compared to the last final review presentation, I would say I have made great progress on storytelling and time management. I did not present my process work in the last final review presentation, so I paid…

Final Setup


Liminality of the Elevator

We are currently in a liminal space where life in the covid situation is going back to normal. The term liminality has been used a lot in anthropology. I started of define the definition of liminality and what could be liminality. The mindmap helped me to navigate what my possible interests could be — born & die and elevator transists us everyday is a liminal space.


Sahara, Morocco

Over time, observation and experience turn into memory with modifications/filtration/exaggeration. I think these inaccuracies personalizes observation and experience, for the ease of memorization, because our brain is not a computer, we forget all the time. I have always wanted to document vocations because each of the experiences on vocations is unique and unrepeatable. I started of collecting archive images about me and my fiance’s trip in Morocco. Morocco is very special for us because we spoke with one voice that our dream travel place was morocco. Then we made this vocation!This work reflects not only the data…

Grad Graphic Design Studio Winter 2021

I chose to research on a Chinese film “Raise the Red Lantern”. It criticizes women who were oppressed and objectified in the social ecology. It vividly shows the life situation of women in the patriarchal society, which criticized the feudal order and patriarchal power.

Screenshot of the film

After watching and researching the film, I started of sketching out mind-map, which is structured to three parts: plot structure, morphology and veiled allegory. By laying out more details and connections, the mind-map guided me to further develop my visual exploration.

My cultural background has shaped who I am. I grew up in Hunan and HongKong where are located in the south of China. I move to Toronto in 2016 and I have accomplished my BFA in graphic design at OCAD University in Toronto. Before I jumped in graphic design, I studied traditional drawing and painting in my high school. I believe the study experience opened up my mind to all kinds of art. Then I realized my eyes are trained by the drawing skills that I can easily see the details of typography such as kerning, leading, and tracking.

Pre Graduate Experience


Chen Luo

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